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The HOT new celebrity trend in the beauty industry is Semi-Permanent Eyelash Extensions. This procedure is accomplished by having individual synthetic lashes bonded with medical grade glue to your very own eyelash. These lashes are applied one by one to your individual lashes and are so natural looking, no one will suspect that they are not your own. There is no need to wear mascara but if you choose to do so your lashes will look even more luxurious. The life cycle of a natural lash is 60-90 days and your lash extensions will fall when your own does. The semi-permanent eyelashes can last up to 2 months depending on the up keep and the life cycle of your own lash. Re-fills will be needed every 3-6 weeks to fill in where lashes have fallen out. Eyelash extensions are not only for models and celebrities but also for those who want to enhance their natural beauty. Lash extensions are especially popular with Brides. They love the fact that their lashes will look fabulous from their rehearsal dinner to the end of their Honeymoon.

Our products of choice are XTREME LASHES, and are applied by an advanced certified stylist..


The Conservitive $250.00 approx 45 lashes per eye
The Flirt $325.00 approx 65 lashes per eye
The DIVA $400.00 approx 85 lashes per eye
 The DELUXE Eyelash Package. $850.00
Deluxe eyelash package includes: Extreme Diva set of lashes with 3 refills ( 2 wk intervals), revitalizing facial and a starter lash kit that includes Xtreme face wash designed for lash extensions, Xtreme coating agent and a heated eyelash curler.

*The first 2 week refill is included in your full set of lashes purchase.

** With bridal package $150.00 for “the diva” lash application

Touch Ups

$80.00 1-2 weeks from last appt. approx 10-20 lashes per eye
$145.00 3- 4 weeks from last appt.  approx 20-25 lashes per eye
$200.00 4- 5  weeks from last appt.  approx 25- 35 lashes per eye

After 6 weeks a new set must be purchased.


***$100.00 added for all mobile services

** Lash refills applied that are not from a “damali nyc” original set, will have an additional $20.00 added.
***Lash Removal   $40.00 every half hour.